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Projects & activities

Projects & activities

Alcantara initiativelogo ESA

Alcantara Ionospheric ground based monitoring network in low latitude regions: Africa
Financed by: European Space Agency (ESA)
ICTP role: to improve the understanding, characterisation, monitoring and forecasting
of the ionosphere in Equatorial Africa in order to benefit users from Global Navigation
Satellite Services, Satellite Telecommunications, scientific research and other applications.

Partnership with Boston College logo BC

T/ICT4D has a partnership with the Boston College (USA), to foster local research in GNSS   
science and applications in the African continent.



"MONitoring of Ionosphere by InnovaTive Techniques  coordinated Observations and Resources”       
Financed by:  European Space Agency (ESA)       
ICTP role: Implementation/validation of a technique to    
provide in near real time a realistic 3D specification of the ionosphere electron density.


"SatEllite Navigation sErvices for Civil Aviation"
Financed by Telespazio
ICTP role: development and implementation of ionosphere simulator as a
part of a platform that will be used to test multiconstellation (GPS, EGNOS,
Galileo) navigation solutions.


Training Research and Applications Network to Support the Mitigation of Ionospheric Threats.
Aim of the Project: to develop real time integrated state of the art tools to mitigate       
ionospheric threats to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and several       
related applications, such as civil aviation, marine navigation and land transportation.       
ICTP role:              
host and supervise students in the following research areas: 3D electron density       
modeling, data assimilation; Radio Occultation for ionospheric monitoring.      


EC Contribution-Agreement with ICTPAfricaEC

European Community's Project: "Introduction of GNSS/EGNOS in Africa: Training and
Preliminary Backbone Infrastructure Development".
Aim of the Project: provide technical assistance, capacity building and provision and
use of test equipment for the implementation of GNSS/EGNOS in Sub-Saharan Africa


Pacific Island School Connectivity, Education and Solar Project.
Financed by Google and expected from Internet Society AT&T and Asian Development
Bank.guam university
Aim of the Project: to bring Internet connectivity to remote schools in Chuk, Micronesia.

Wireless Training in Africa

Financed by the Africa Adaptation Program (AAP) of UNDP and the Japan International
Cooperation Agency.
Aim of the Project: to train experts on wireless networking for scientific applications.

The future Internet project

Financed by 6Deploy and Network the world.
Aim of the project: to develop training material on IPv6 and Wireless Sensors.


A community networking Cloud in a box.
Financed by: EC FP7 and coordinated by UPC of Barcelona, Spain.
Aim of the project: addressing obstacles for communities of citizens
in bootstrapping, running and expanding community-owned networks
that provide community services organized as community clouds.

ICTP-ITU Strengthening Training Capacity in Wireless Networking in AfricalogoITU

Financed by ITU/BDT
Aim of the project: to train a group of African trainers from ITU
Excellence Centres in Rwanda and Senegal.

Training and R&D in Wireless Sensors

Financed by IAEA
Aim of the Project: to provide training and to develop a low cost Remote
Environmental Monitoring Station based on low power consumption
wireless sensor network.