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Sandro Radicella, Petra Sauli, Norbert Jakowski, Daniel Kouba, Ana Portillo, Miguel Herraiz, Hal Strangeways, Nikolay Zernov, and Vadim Gherm (2010)

Space Plasma Effects

Annals of Geophysics, 52(3-4).

This paper summarizes the activities carried out by WP 3.1 of WG 3 of COST 296 action. The Work Package deals mostly with medium and large ionospheric structures that impacts on GNSS signals. In the research done by this European team, particular attention was given to the ionosphere/space weather monitoring, to the analysis of the variability of the ionospheric plasma during quiet and disturbed conditions and to the characterization of the behavior of low latitudes ionospheric depletions or bubbles and the spatial and temporal gradients of total electron contet.

ionosphere/space weather monitoring – ionospheric variability – ionospheric bubbles – ionospheric gradients
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