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Y.O. M Orué, S.M. Radicella, P. Coïsson, R.G. Ezquer, and B. Nava (2008)

Comparing TOPEX TEC measurements with IRI predictions

Advances in Space Research, 42(4):757 - 762.

TEC values obtained from TOPEX satellite were compared with the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) 2001 model estimates. The present work also shows results of the IRI model with the option of a new topside electron density distribution (NeQuick model). TOPEX TEC measurements, which include years of high and middle to low solar activity (2000 and 2004), were analyzed by binning the region covered by the satellite (±66°) every five degrees of modip. In general, there is good agreement between IRI predictions and Topex measurements. Cases with large disagreements are observed at low and high latitudes during high solar activity. Comparing the model predictions using the default IRI2001 model and the NeQuick topside option show that the default IRI 2001 version represents the observed data in a more realistic way, but appears to be less reliable at high and low latitudes in some cases.

Ionosphere, TEC, Satellite altimetry, Ionospheric models, TOPEX/POSEIDON
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